Furniture disposition & disposal - office clean outs

For companies planning to relocate, downsize, do a restack or upgrade their existing office furniture, our office furniture specialists are knowledgeable with the dis-assembly, removal and environmentally responsible disposal of all types and brands of excess office furniture.

Free on-site evaluation

We would be happy to send one of our office clean-out experts to meet with you and do an on-site evaluation of what will be necessary for us to disassemble, remove your furniture and related items on the time table you require. From this on-site survey we will prepare a comprehensive evaluation that will be a written chronological proposal laying out all the services necessary for Time Moving & Storage to complete your project in the time period you request.

Eco-friendly furniture

Time Moving & Storage provides economically priced solutions for the removal of unwanted furniture from your office. Corporate America is continuously downsizing or up-sizing. There is always the challenge of disposing your office furniture with a junk removal service in an environmentally friendly fashion. Unfortunately, unless your office furniture is relatively new, there is not much of a resale market. It is also very hard for some clean out services to recycle because they are not experienced enough. This is due to the fact that they don’t know how to handle all the mixed materials in furniture. One piece of furniture may have treated wood, metal, and plastic. These materials have to be separated before they can be recycled.

Time Moving & Storage has a solution that diverts your old and unwanted office furniture from a land fill to a comprehensive recycling process.


All of your junk office furniture will be taken apart and separated by material type. ie metal, plastic, glass, wood etc.


The materials will be shredded, bailed and sent to the appropriate processing plant for re-use or sent to a waste energy plant.

Furniture items and what we do with them


Desks will be dissembled into the different material types. The wood type will be determined "compressed" or "real wood". If it is "real wood" there is a potential it can be reused or made into mulch. The “compressed” wood will go to waste to energy or be mulched for landfill cover. All the metal will be taken out of the desk from screws, draws, fixtures, and legs.

File Cabinets

File cabinet recycling is relatively simple because they are all metal. They are sent to a smelter to be melted down into its raw form so it can be reused.


Most cubical work surfaces are made of laminate or wood. Depending on what material is being used it could be re-used, made into mulch or sent to a waste energy plant to create electricity.


The fabric will be sent to a waste to energy plant. Where it will be burned and turned into electricity. The wood will be inspected and most likely end up as mulch or sent to the waste to energy plant. Any plastic will be consolidated to be recycled with like types.


The process for recycling office chairs varies because there are so many different types. If there is a mix of plastic and metal the plastic will go into the plastic bin for bailing and smelting. The metal will go through the same process. Office chairs with wood will be broken down. The wood type will be determined "compressed" or "real wood". If it is "real wood" there is a potential it can be reused or made into mulch. The "compressed" wood will go to waste to energy or be mulched for landfill cover. Any textiles (fabric) that exist will be stripped from the chair and sent to a waste to energy plant. There it will be incinerated and the energy created will be converted into electricity.

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