Hotel furniture fixtures and equipment, and operating supplies and equipment.

If you are planning on renovating a hotel Time Moving & Storage can take care of the receipt, warehousing, delivery and installation of all Furniture Fixtures and Equipment that will allow you to keep operating and have little or no inconvenience to your guests. From clearing properties of existing FF&E so renovation can begin, to installing new FF & E to re-rent the rooms as soon as possible we can handle it all.

Project management & logistics

We have expert project managers and support staff that is experienced with all types of new and renovation hotel projects. We will manage every aspect of the job to ensure that your hotel project is done on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. Our team works closely with general managers, owners, designers, suppliers, housekeepers and developers through the entire process. We will make it easy for all of your suppliers to ship us all of the FF & E and the OS & E so they can be consolidated, delivered and install when you need it done.


Time Moving will receive all of your FF & E and OS & E so all items are consolidated in one location so it will give you all of the flexibility to order assets when necessary which will help you keep your hotel project on schedule. Our Warehousing services include the following;

• Receive all products and inspect for exterior damage.

• Verify purchase orders with received goods.

• Send Hotel contact warehouse receiving reports.

• Inventory items.

• Store product.

• Pull goods for delivery.

warehouse receiving worker


Your FF & E can be delivered as you request. We can deliver items for individual rooms or whole floors. As room construction or renovations are completed we can deliver all the FF & E the next day. All items are distributed to the rooms and unpacked. All packing materials will be removed from the job site.


We will assemble, install and place all FF&E into their final position according to the floor plans and designer instructions. Our services include the placement and/or mounting of all furnishings within a hotel, which include hangable items such as headboards, artwork, mirrors, safes, ironing boards and window treatments. Product assembly such as bed frames, desks, night tables and dressers. Product needing to be set in place, like seating, lighting, mattress sets and mini-bars. Our experienced hotel FF&E installers will put your furniture, fixture and equipment items in place correctly and safely.

OS & E

Your Operating Supplies and Equipment such as such as guest room supplies, towels, chinaware, bed linen, silverware, uniforms, housekeeping equipment and engineering tools, all loose kitchen and laundry equipment and loose health club equipment can be received in our warehouse and delivered as necessary.

Ongoing storage and attic stock

Most hotels have limited storage space to store all of the OS & E they need to keep on-hand for the operations of their hotel. In addition hotels need to keep an attic stock of FF & E so in the event some items need to be replaced they have original product in inventory to match the hotel motif. Time Moving’s Hotel storage services will inventory and store these items that came be delivered same day or next-day of a request.

We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

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Our Guarantee

Time Moving & Storage will guarantee adequate manpower, equipment and storage space to perform all moving and storage services on an as needed basis.